Bifervit Forte

Bifervit Forte

Active Principles:

Iron, Folic acid, Vit C, B12

Form / Dosage:

600mg 30 tab


BiferVit Forte is a nutritional supplement of iron, folic acid, Vitamin C and Vitamin B12, which are useful for the body.

Iron is an essential element for the production of red blood cells.

Often, the amount of iron should be filled in the body to avoid the risk of anemia.

Folic acid is an essential component of erythrocytes and is a key factor in the synthesis of red blood cells. An optimal amount of folic acid helps and improves its absorption by making it more “bioavailable”.

Vitamin B12 is another important element in the erythrocyte synthesis.

Vitamin B12 is also an important structural component in the linkage of iron in each red blood cell.

Vitamin C, present in significant amounts, has an antioxidant effect and makes iron absorption more effective.


Ingredients For 1 pack (630 mg) x 100 mg VNR
Iron fumed 245 mg 38,8 g
Vitamine C 150 mg 23,8 g 187,5%
Folic acid 400 mcg 63,5 mg 200%
Vitamina B12 3,75 mcg 0,60 mg 150%

Means of usage:

One or more tablets per day, according to medical judgment. Be taken after meals.

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