–  It helps in the prophylaxis of kidney stones formation

–  It helps relieve the extraction of kidney stones

–  It helps during treatment with acute renal colic medications

Citraren is also useful in the case of Cystitis and Prostate problems. The unique content of CITRAREN makes this product a highly efficient kidney stone “disintegrator” and an integrator of mineral salts.

Ingredients :

Phyllantus Niruri (300 mg / 2 sachets)

– It relieves the musculature of the urinary channels by facilitating the extraction of stones

– It contains botanical factors that regulate the uro-genital system

– It increases urination and helps in kidney stone breakdown

Potassium (1152 mg/ 2 sachets)   Magnesium (180 mg/ 2 sachets)

– Numerous studies have confirmed that relatively high amounts of potassium and magnesium help in the kidneys' stone crushing.

Means of usage:

–   Prevention and therapy of kidney stones

–   Conditions of physical stress

–   Muscular pain therapy

–   To prevent the formation of kidney stones 1 sachet per day dissolved in a glass of water

–   During attack therapy 2 sachets per day, 1 every 12 hours, dissolved in one cup of water

Citraren is a nutritional integrator which contains potassium citrate, magnesium citrate and Phyllantus Niruri (extracted from the plant of Chanca – Pedra, a plant that breaks the rocks).

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