Mammavit DHA

Mammavit DHA

Active Principles:

DHA 200mg, Iodio 200 mcg, Folik Acid 400 mcg, Vita

Form / Dosage:

850 mg 30 tablets


Mammavit is a nutritional integrator consisting of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids, formulated to meet women's nutritional needs, especially during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Vitamins and minerals are the substances necessary for a correct diet during pregnancy and important with the mother's milk. Mammavit is a product made up of 11 vitamins, 8 minerals and DHA.


Folic acid (400mcg) is needed for a good iron absorption and for the correct formation of red blood cells. Taking folic acid during pregnancy reduces the risk of neurological anomalies to the fetus.

Iron is needed for the synthesis of hemoglobin and the formation of red blood cells. During pregnancy it is necessary to double the amount of iron compared to normal.

Mammavit contains fish oil (400mg), rich in polysaturated fatty acid, with about 37.5% DHA. This acid is a component of cell membranes and predominantly of nerve cells and retinas. DHA is found in mother's milk and is especially necessary for premature.

Flour, during pregnancy, is necessary to prevent gingivitis, which is common to the woman during this period. Helps prevent the dental caries of the child.

Iodo is an indispensable element for the synthesis of thyroid hormones. The need for iodine during pregnancy increases considerably.

Means of usage:

Mammav is advised to be used during:

– Pregnancy

– Breastfeeding

– Lack of vitamins and minerals

It is advisable to use a tablet daily with water, preferably after food ingestion.

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